Smartpickbox is a pick up system with built-in comtemporary intelligence

Smartpickbox benefits


Easy and convenient access to the delivery – in cases 24/7 access possible.


Optimizing preordered deliveries with Smartbox gives personnel time to concentrate on more important tasks.


With the latest technologies and systems you improve the level of your customer service.


Smartpickbox opens possibilities for incremental sales and potentially opens up new sales channels.

Benefits for your store

  • Customer service pressure at peak hours evens out
  • Way to differentiate your service offer from competition
  • Practical and smooth delivery service opens for add on sales
  • Enhances customer loyalty
  • Improves allocation of the personnel's workhours = better focus on incremental sales
  • Potentially prolongs the opening hours up till 24/7
  • You get your netshop customer to visit the store
  • Opens for additional ways to sell such as latest offers in the box
  • Direct marketing with the deliveries
  • Smooth delivery service improves customer experience
  • Better administration of your webshop deliveries
  • Less handling time per delivery

Customer benefits

  • Smooth shopping both in and from the store
  • Free to pick up the order when convenient
  • No time spent in queuing
  • Fast and smooth access always pleasent for the customer
  • Confirmed that the order is ready to be picked up
  • Gives better timemanagement for shopping
  • Access to eventual special offers

Benefits for pros

  • Save time when purchasing and/or picking up
  • All ordered goods ready set in one place
  • Better timemanagement of your working hours

Have you ever thought that..

  1. nbr1There is demand for your products beyond the normal opening hours.
  2. nbr2Your personnel has not enough time for proper service for all your customers.
  3. nbr3It is difficult plan the staffing for the whole stretch of the opening hours.
  4. nbr4We would want to generate incremental sales from our webshop customers.

Then Smartpickbox is your answer!

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Smartpickbox solves a lot!

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